BMW leads in fast growing market Slovakia

The PEV passenger car market in Slovakia was up six-fold in July, having registered 22 units, with YTD registrations up 818% regarding the same period last year, now at 202 units.

Despite the admittedly small numbers, this is by far the fastest growing market in Europe, percentage wise.

If the viagra online usa models year-to-date ranking is balanced, with the Nissan Leaf leading with 24 units, followed closely by the Volkswagen e-Golf (22) and BMW 225xe Active Tourer (19), looking at the ranking by manufacturer, BMW is the number one brand by far, with one out of three units registered in this market belonging to the German car maker.

Looking at other Alternative Fuels, CNG M1 registrations are down 48% this year, to 58 units, while LPG numbers in the same category are up 173%, to 398 registrations.