3 months left to join the future for e-mobility at the AEC2018!

The opening session, on Wednesday the 17 October, will outline the big picture for e-mobility and will set out how industry, academia, and poli

EAFO Study - The transition to a Zero Emission Vehicles fleet for cars in the EU by 2050

Decarbonising transport is central to achieving Europe’s policy commitments on climate change.

Porsche Panamera PHEV Surprise leader in Belgium

The Belgian PEV market registered 1.025 plug-in passenger cars last month, up 47% Year-on-Year.

Tesla dominates market in Lithuania

The PEV passenger car market in Lithuania is down 29% this year, having registered 44 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to some 200 units.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric surpasses Nissan Leaf in Ireland

The PEV passenger car market in Ireland is up 26% this year, having registered 750 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to 2.492 units.

VW e-Golf Best Seller of the Month in 40% share market

The Norwegian PEV passenger car market was up 43% Year-on-Year in August, having registered 5.389 units last month, the second best result ever, representing 40% of the global M1 automotive market

Mercedes dominates SUV-heavy market in Romania

The new PEV passenger car registrations are up 50% regarding 2016, to 90 units, with market share at 0,2%.

BMW leads in fast growing market Slovakia

The PEV passenger car market in Slovakia was up six-fold in July, having registered 22 units, with YTD registrations up 818% regarding the same period last year, now at 202 units.

Tesla and Renault Zoe on the Podium in Switzerland

The Swiss PEV passenger car market registered 365 registrations in July, up 4% Year-on-Year, with Year-to-date registrations now growing 25% during the same period, to 3.622 units.

BMW i3 leads in hot market Czech Republic

With 48 new PEV passenger cars registered last month, registrations were up 71%, with Year-to-date registrations now increasing 104% YoY, to 340 units, this being one of the fastest growing PEV mar