#1 Renault Zoe shines in Portugal

The Portuguese PEV passenger car market was up 153% Year-on-Year in July, having registered 375 units that month, with the YTD tally now at 2.060 units, up 106% YoY.

Outlander PHEV #1 in Record Market

With 335 PEV passenger cars registered last month, sales have hit once again a new record, making this one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, with the year-to-date registrations increasing 1

Renault Zoe #1 in Depressed Market

Denmark is one of the few PEV markets in Europe with decreasing sales (-39% YoY), having registered only 180 units this year, when in 2015 it had registered 1.535 units during the same period, but

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Shines in Spain

The Spanish PEV passenger car market was up 141% last month, having registered 608 units, with Year-to-date numbers now reaching 3.096 units, up 50% regarding the same period last year.

Audi A3 e-Tron Best Seller in July, pressuring Renault Zoe YTD leadership

The German PEV passenger car market registered 4.211 registrations, up 142% Year-on-Year, with Year-to-date registrations growing buy viagra india 119%

Mini Countryman PHEV #1 in July in Italy

The Italian PEV passenger car market was up 127% Year-on-Year, having registered 409 units in July, with the YTD tally now at 2.675 units, up 64% YoY.

Mercedes GLC350e #1 in hot market Finland

The PEV passenger car market in Finland is up 122% in July, having registered 233 units, with YTD registrations up 89% regarding the same period last year, now at 1.491 units.

Tesla and Renault Zoe Shine in June

The Netherlands have registered 442 plug-in passenger cars last month, down 43% Year-on-Year, with Year-to-date registrations now at 4.375 units, down 18% YoY, with PHEVs dropping a harsh 79%, due

Renault Zoe and BMW i3 Best Sellers

The PEV passenger car market in Slovenia is up cialis 20mg 134% this year, having registered 253 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to

Nissan Leaf Best Seller of the Month in Norway

The Norwegian PEV passenger car market was up 34% Year-on-Year in July, having registered  3.968 units last month, with the veteran Nissan Leaf winning last month Best Seller award, thanks to 334 r