Record month for France

With 4.110 new PEV passenger cars registered in June, registrations were up 40%, with Year-to-date registrations up 14% YoY.

Tesla and Renault Zoe Shine in June

The Netherlands have registered 958 plug-in passenger cars last month (Year Best), up 7% Year-on-Year, with Year-to-date registrations now at 3.932 units, down 14% YoY.

Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf run for the leadership in record month, Spain

The Spanish PEV passenger car market was up 164% last month, having registered 688 units, a new record, with Year-to-date numbers reaching 2 494 units, up 37% regarding the same period last year an

Outlander PHEV Leader in June, VW Passat GTE #1 YTD, Sweden

The Swedish PEV passenger car market registered 1 572 units in June, up 17% regarding the same month last year, being the best sales month since last September.

VW e-Golf Best Seller in Record Month, Norway

The Norwegian PEV passenger car market was up 64% Year-on-Year in June, having registered a record 6 009 units last month, or 42% PEV share (27% BEV), with the VW e-Golf winning last month Best Sel

BMW X5 PHEV #1 in Hot Market Belgium

The Belgian PEV market registered a record 1 558 plug-in passenger cars last month, up 74% Year-on-Year.

VDL Develops Hydrogen Truck

Vehicle manufacturer VDL is currently working on a hydrogen truck. The Belgian company uses a Daf-truck, to which the fuel cell technology is added.

Nissan Leaf #1 in Hot Market Slovakia

With 138 new PEV passenger cars registered this year, registrations have recently surged, making this one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, with the market share now at 0.4%.

Mini Countryman PHEV lands with a Bang

The Italian PEV passenger car market is up 53% Year-on-Year, having registered 359 units in May, with the YTD tally now at 1.671 units, up 31% YoY.

BMW i3 Leader in May

With 482 new PEV passenger cars registered last month, registrations were up 30% regarding May 2016, with Year-to-date sales now at 2 534 units, up 25% year on year.