Renault Zoe leader in 2017 in Spain

The Spanish PEV passenger car market was up 77% last month, having registered 318 units, with Year-to-date numbers reaching 541 units, up 43% regarding the same period last year and with the market

Renault Zoe has more than 50% share in France

The French PEV passenger car market was up 12% Year-on-Year, having registered 2.850 units last month.

Tesla Model S #1 in February in The Netherlands

The Netherlands have registered 490 plug-in passenger cars last month, up 10% Year-on-Year, with Year-to-date now at 1.207 units, up 19% YoY.

New Natural Gas model from Audi

Mercedes GLC350e #1 in February in Belgium

The Belgian PEV market registered 755 plug-in passenger cars last month, up 17% Year-on-Year.

VW Passat GTE February Leader in Sweden

The Swedish PEV passenger car market registered 1.175 units in February, up 90% regarding the same month last year, with the market share above 4.5%.

BMW i3 in Number One in Norway

The Norwegian PEV passenger car market was up 11% Year-on-Year in February, having registered 3.904 units last month, with the BMW i3 winning for the second time in a row the Best Seller award, tha

BMW 330e #1 in Hot Market in Luxembourg

With 73 new PEV passenger cars registered in January, registrations surged 265% Year-on-Year, making this one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, with the market share at a record 1.8%.

Renault Zoe #1 in Italy

The Italian PEV passenger car market is up 111% Year-on-Year, having registered 388 units in January.

Volvo XC90 Best Seller in Belgium

The Belgian PEV passenger car market was up 50% in January, having registered 1.074 units, a new sales record, with the markets share at a best ever 2%.